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Product Name:DIY Magnet Door Mesh XG-CKTH
Product Series:Magnetic Screen Door
Market Price:100.00    
Updated:2023-9-23 8:12:39

Type:Door & Window Screens
Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Xgui jiu jiu
Screen Netting Material:Nylon
Model Number:90*210
color:pink, blue, green, cream
accessory:magnetic strips, ferrite b...
door screen


1. Straight line material
2.  8 pairs magnetic buttons
3. size: 90 x 210cm
4. not accept mixed color

5. available color: blue, pink, cream, purple. 

  Installation step:

1. take out the curtain and make flat the curtain.

2. Insert the magnetic strip to the curtain hem, make sure that left magnetic strip and right magnetic strip can attract each other. 

3. Install the door curtain, keep the center part 5mm higher than two edges, and also ensure door curtain contact the ground and 3-5mm longer.

4.Use thumbtack to fix the middle magnetic strips, then the edges of curtain.

5. fix trimming head for decoration and finish


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