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Product Name:Cooling Sport Towel Instant Cooling Relief Green Machine washable NEW Camping
Product Series:Textiles & Leather Products
Market Price:6.00    
Updated:2024-4-22 8:57:37





Cold feeling fabric contains no chemicals , polymer material , adhesive agent , crystal , or phase change materials . Fiber is used in the security without excitant fier , this kind of fabric compared to common moisture-proof fabric has characteristics of lightweight , breathable , wear comfortable . 'COOLCORE' cold feeling fabric has the world's leading technology , functional fabrics absorbed on the surface of the water and sweat during exercise , effective control of slow evaporation of moisture to disperse the heat , can reduce the temperature to human skin temperature maintained at optimum condition . Composed unique variety of fiber structure is like blood capillary density mesh structure , the structure of the depth of the water molecules can be into the fiber core , and then its compression fabric fiber gap , the unique combination of different fiber and interaction which

generated when the evaporation of moisture loss by smart suppression and retained for a long time inside the fiber COOLCORE cool feeling fabrics by absorbing heat to adjust temperature , cool factor brings to people's skin a cool comfort .




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