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Product Name:New Travel Outdoor Sports Golf Fishing Games Hiking Cool Instant Cooling Towels
Product Series:Textiles & Leather Products
Market Price:6.00    
Updated:2024-2-26 8:56:4






a) Taken the special anti-bacterial method and made with durable , environmental-friendly material

b) Strong tenacity , soft and smooth , clear things without leaving dust and saste cotton .

c) Super water absorbability , absorb water immediately without leaving any water mark , it could absorb 10 times of liquid than its own weight

d) Durabel in use , it can be used hundreds of times and comes in its own storage container for years of reliable use .

e) Completely dry to hardening when not use it that can make the bacteria can't growing , mix water can rapidly softening , easy to carry .

f) Keep you 10 degrees cooler than the outdoor ambient tempearture , keeps you cool all day long ! It is awesome for all outdoor activities ! Perfect for football , fishing , military , golfing and all other outdoor activities !



Blue , pink , red , yellow , green , orange , purple or we can match color as you prefer according to your requirements .



Usual size 30x100cm and 40x80cm , we can make cutting die to meet your particular size requirement



Polybag package and pp bottle package . For the polybag package , we can print colorful pattern on the bag as your design , while for the pp bottle package , we can also make colorful adhesive sticker labeled on the outside or make colorful card to put into the bottle .


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