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Product Name:Good Heat Preservation And Windproof Clear PVC Curtain With Zip튼 창문바람막이 비닐
Product Series:PVC thermal Curtain Door
Market Price:68.00    
Updated:2024-7-19 8:35:3

Good Heat Preservation And Windproof Clear PVC Curtain With Zip

Suitable for winter and summer , windproof , cold-proof and keep warm air in the room all time


Freewill DIY , transparent PVC Curtain

Volume:    40PCS/Carton

Carton Size:55X40X30CM

G.W/N.W:    25/24KGS

Hi, everyone , do you feel very upset there is a leak on your window and the warm air always leak out in the very cold day when winter comes ? Don’t worry about this now ,we will definitely help you in this regard ,because we can manufacture the transparent windproof , cold-proof PVC curtain according to your window size !

Pls read the detail carefully as follow ,



There is a leak and the bad heat preservation with single layer glass on your window , or there is frost and vapor on your window in the very cold day in winter !


Installation steps

 Step 1 : Take out the PVC curtain from the opp bag ,spreading outand paving , flare-out。 Pls make the PVC curtain planus with hot towel or hot vapor !

Step 2: Take out the double faced adhesive tape, put on the double faced adhesive tape on the leftmost and the rightmost on the top of your windows 。

Step 3: The left side and the right side need to be symmetrical with the frame of your window , elegant appearance , pls make sure the best location and cut the extra part of your curtain with the scissors.

  Step 4 : After spread out the lace on the top of your window and make symmetrical with the PVC curtain , pls fix with the double faced adhesive tape .

Step 5 : You can stick the curtain any location as you want .

 Step 6 : Done well , is it very easy !

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